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Culper Technology provides software development, systems engineering, test engineering, and consulting services to solve complex mission problems using innovative ideas and years of industry experience supporting the Department of Defense and broader intelligence Community. We support technical solutions from system design and planning of new capabilities all the way through sustainment of production systems. While Culper team members are highly skilled technical personnel, they have also spent years working with our customers to understand their workflows and the biggest challenges they face. The subject-matter expertise of our team members is highly sought-after to solve the toughest problems facing the Department of Defense.

Specific job roles and skills for Culper Technology Employees include:

  • Software Development

  • Systems Engineering

  • Test Engineering

  • Systems Administration

  • User Experience Design

  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Subject Matter Expertise/Consulting Services


Names Have Meaning

The "Culper Spy Ring" was the first major intelligence operation in U.S. history. This network, organized by George Washington, operated successfully for five years during which no spy was unmasked.

Major Benjamin Tallmadge supervised the Culper Spy Ring operation which consisted of his childhood friends from New York. The two main spies used the pseudonyms “Culper Sr.” and “Culper Jr.” to keep their identities protected. The spies created a numerical substitution system and invisible ink. They also used a system to carry their messages that included hanging specific clothing on a clothesline to get the intelligence out of British occupied New York.

This innovative solution was instrumental in the U.S. winning the revolutionary war by providing critical intelligence about British troop movement and war plans. The Culper Ring is also credited with uncovering treasonous actions by US
Major General Benedict Arnold as well as the capture of British Major John Andre.

Over 200 years later, Culper Technology strives to bring that same innovative thinking to protecting U.S. interests by providing cutting edge software to the federal government and commercial partners.

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